Pickles leads the exciting life of a circus performer.
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LSP. :D Adventure Time cake pops for one really cool chick’s birthday.

Pickles was pretty bummed that he burned the Crack Candy. T_T (It was his first time making it. I told him he needed to cut himself some slack.) He is planning to try again tomorrow. After a froggienap. (As you can see, he ate the candy anyhoo. Pickles is not very, shall I say, picky? :O)

As many family and friends know, Pickles was recently hospitalized due to his contraction of the rare and feared Dungee Fever. He had the opportunity to travel to Africa with his cirque family for a special one night show. That night he went out with friends and found the tranquil waters of the Dungee River too tempting (being a frog I hope you can understand… if not, devil be gone with ye). I guess the rest of the story is obvious. He is lucky enough to have a family that loves him deeply and is willing to get him to the best facility available in the US. A team of doctors who specialize in Dungee Fever took him under their… webbed feet… and found a regimen that, so far, is working. Please keep Pickles in your thoughts at this difficult time. He just wants to feel like romping again. Just a little romp.